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Hello shoppers! Its me..... Karen from In The Pink Jewellery in Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Its starting to get a little busy in our stores, as people start to think forward to the big December event... yep, its almost here again... its the big C..... so with that in mind just letting you know his week in our Stores in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, we are gearing up for Christmas shopping with two special offers..... the first one is with luxury silver jewellery brand THOMAS SABO, we love Thomas sabo, its such a gorgeous brand with really high quality silver jewellery, and if you spend £125 on anything within the Thomas Sabo brand, you get a FREE solid silver and diamond charm bracelet, a really good offer, especially if you are looking to purchase an item like a Thomas Sabo watch ( all priced over £125), the FREE charm bracelet is worth £60, and is based on the medium link charm bracelet, but it has real diamonds set into the silver Thomas Sabo circle logo.......the offer is only continued for a few more days, so come in and take advantage whilst you still can! The second special offer is with super silver brand HOT DIAMONDS.... if you spend £75 on anything within their brand collection, you will receive a FREE diamond set snowflake pendant, another great offer if you are looking to get something special for someone for Xmas. Hot Diamonds always produce beautiful quality jewellery, and each item has a genuine diamond set somewhere within the design, so pop into our stores and take advantage of these two brand offers while they are still running!  Sorry we can't offer these offer online at the moment. We aren't quite geared up for that just yet.... its not as easy as you may think running an online webshop, so as we get better and more experienced at it, we will be able to add lots more products and even special offers..... woo hoo!!
In The meantime, have a good week whatever you're up to, I'm off to see whats happening in the stores... more next week!

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