April is for Diamonds

For April birthdays the birth stone is diamond.

Diamond is the hardest precious stone, and is the most sort after.

Diamonds are mined out the ground as rough stones. The biggest and most prolific diamond mines globally, are situated in Russia, Australia, India, and Africa, where there are approx 50 large mines, producing 90% of the global supply of diamonds.

Diamonds are graded by colour, cut, and clarity.

The very best and most valuable diamonds are always very white or colourless and have few imperfections.

Clarity of a diamond is how many imperfections the diamond may have.  The diamond is graded on a scale from the top of the scale which is: FL-IF ( flawless or internally flawless),  through to VVS1-VVS2 ( very very slight 1 or 2), then VS1-VS2 ( very slight 1/2) then SI1-2 ( slight included 1/2) then, I1-I13 ( imperfect 1-13).

Imperfections can be seen as ice crackles, dark grit, or patches of 'cloudy lemonade' within the diamond stone.


Diamonds are cut in many different shapes, to show off the sparkle and beauty of the diamond. A one carat weight in diamond size, can look very different even though the carat size maybe the same. For example a one carat brilliant cut diamond, may look twice the size of a one carat marquise diamond, this is all down to shape.

Diamond colour is graded by specialist grader, on a special grading scale from D-Z.

D is the lightest and brightest colourless grade, through to Z which is a very dark charcoal black. The lighter, brighter and more colourless the diamond the more valuable it is.

The Renaissance Period was the first point in time when diamonds were used as engagement rings. They were thought to be a special gift, which represented the very ultimate gift of love. In 1477, this trend was started when Archduke Maximillian gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring. This was a trend that was only popular among royalty and the very wealthy, and is a trend that has continued today.

Diamonds are said to bring the wearer strength, power and healing properties.

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