February is the month of purple!


Yep, Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Its a naturally occurring semi-precious stone, with hues from pale lilac to rich deep purple. This is totally 'on trend' as the 'Pantone' colour of the year (2018) is 'ultra violet'- fabulous! Its supposed to have healing properties for relieving stress and anxiety, and Chinese mythology says if amethyst stone is place in the correct 'wealth corner' of your home, it will amplify prosperity and wealth- ooohhh that sounds good, you will have to 'google' how to find the 'wealth corner' of your home, (that sounds like a whole other subject!)

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Interesting facts about purple!

Did you know....? originally the colour purple came from a dye extracted from the glands of a tropical sea-snail called 'murex' (eeeew!)- The 'Murex' sea-snail's Latin name is 'purpura' which is where we get the name purple from.

The dye from the sea-snail was so expensive to produce, the colour purple was only reserved for Royalty and high status individuals, an association which still loosely remains today.

In Japan , the colour purple still signifies wealth & position.

The Imperial State Crown, worn by Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, Scotland & Wales, is lined with purple velvet (wow)

Apparently, the colour purple is the most difficult colour for the human eye to distinguish.

Carrots were once always purple, but now of course they are nearly always orange...or red...or yellow!

In some cultures, the colour purple is associated with the gay community...

Precious and semi-precious stones of Sapphire, iolite, spinel and tanzanite all come in shades of purple, ( as well as amethyst)

So there you have it, your purple factoids for February!

We hope you enjoyed reading, I think its time for a little refreshment, maybe we will have a vimto.... :)



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