• In The Pink Diamond Clara Ring Wedding
  • In The Pink Diamond Clara Ring Wedding
  • In The Pink Diamond Clara Ring Wedding

In The Pink Diamond Clara Ring


A beautiful classic design, channel set diamond ring, with round brilliant cut high quality diamonds half set around the band. Available in highly polished platium, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, in 9/14/18carat, also palladium.

Total carat weight of diamonds :0.25carat

All sizes and widths available from 2.5mm- 5mm.

This is a guide price only based on 9carat @2.5mm in White gold, a similar ring in platinum is guide priced at £1200.

For further details on size, width & metal type, please call us on 01472 566885

All our wedding rings are handcrafted by Goldsmiths in the UK


Delivery 4-6 weeks.


For diamond set rings we always advise choosing platinum, it is a pure metal, mixed with very little or no alloy, and is the rarest precious metal, meaning it is the most expensive. Its also the most suitable metal for holding diamonds, due to its unique hard wearing properties. It is slightly more 'steely' in colour than the rhodium finish on white gold, and does not need to be plated, and is a very heavy & dense metal. Pure luxury for those who only want the best.

18 carat White Gold

All white gold is made from a base of natural yellow gold, mixed with other metals to lighten or 'whiten' the yellow gold colour. A pure 'silvery' look is rarely acheived in the mixing process, so white gold is always plated in bright 'white' Rhodium, a rare precious metal to give a bright shiny 'silver'-'white' finish. Rhodoum plating does wear off in time with everyday wear, and can be re-applied every year or so, to keep the bright Rhodium finish. 18 carat gold is 750/1000 parts gold to alloy. A substatial weight, but not as heavy as platinum. One of the most popular choices of metal.

18 Carat Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is naturally occuring, and is the classic yellow colour we are all familiar with. 18 carat gold is 750/1000 parts gold to alloy. So the gold content of 18carat is roughly three quarters gold and one quarter alloy. The alloy is used to harden the softness of natural gold, but even with this addition, the gold does wear away over time. A substantial weight but not as heavy as platinum. A classic choice.

18 Carat Rose Gold

Naturally occuring yellow gold is mixed with rich copper and other alloys to give this gold its rich 'rose' colour. Its is 750/1000 parts gold to alloy. A substantail weight but not as heavy as platinum. A very beautiful choice.

9 Carat White Gold

9 carat white gold is made from naturally occuring yellow gold, mixed with white metals to give a lighter creamy colour. Like 18 carat white gold, this 9 carat 'white' gold needs to be plated in Rhodium, a bright shiny silver tone precious metal, in order for the ring to look shiny and 'white'. The plating does wear off over time and the ring will need to be re-plated to keep its shiny white colour. It is 375/1000 parts of gold to alloy. This means there is roughly just over one third of gold to two thirds alloy ratio. This means this carat of gold is harder due to the higher alloy content, so this is a harder wearing gold, it is also very affordable. A very popular and affordable choice, but with the same look as 18 carat white.

9 Carat Yellow

A naturally occuring yellow gold, mixed with lighter alloy metals to give a paler gold colour than 18 carat. It is 375/1000 parts gold to alloy meaning it is a harder gold and better wearing. The higher alloy content means it is a more affordable option. A  very popular choice.

9 Carat Rose Gold

Yellow gold is mixed with copper and other metals to give the classic 'rose' colour. This carat of gold is 375/1000 parts gold to alloy, meaning it is harder than higher carats of gold, and more affordable. This does not need plating. A beautiful choice.

Palladium 500 & Palladium 950

A new precious metal, only been used for jewellery making in recent times. Its a natuarally white bright silvery tone precious metal, which does not need plating in Rhodium as its bright silvery colour stays true all the way through the metal. Its relatively hard wearing, and is only fractionally more expensive than 9 carat gold. It is a light metal, so is not as substantial as gold, and is more similar to the weight of titanium. Its a practcial choice for those who love the white gold colour, but do not want the upkeep of white gold re-plating.

The difference between 500 & 950 is the alloy ratio. Palladium 500 has 50% mixed alloy, making it very affordable. Palladium 950 is almost pure and therefore more expensive.