• Florentina Pendant Necklace
  • Florentina Pendant Necklace

Florentina Pendant

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A very unique pendant with purple amethyst, fluorite and pearl set in sterling silver.

A large round polished stone of clear and purple fluorite is set in a solid silver setting, and flanked by two purple teardrop amethyst stones and a single white pearl to the top.

A highly decorative bail, finishes this amazing pendant.

Fluorite is said to be the 'genius stone; and is said to aid mental aptitude and assist with study and absorbtion of information. It is also said to help clear the mind and help focus on the task at hand.

Amethyst is a calming soothing stone, and is said to boost creativity, and pearl is the happines stone, said to enhance integrity, and generosity.

This amazing combination of gemstones is a unique combination and is supplied with an 18"chain.

The size is approx : 4-5cm