• Serenity Brandberg Amethyst Ring Ring

Serenity Brandberg Amethyst Ring

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The rich purple hues of this amazing amethyst stone are very special and unique.

Set in sterling silver, the oval faceted stone is sourced from the Brandberg mountian in Namibia, Africa. The highest mountain in Namibia, it is a sacred mountain and the crystals mined there hold powerful spiritual properties.

The brandberg amethyst can be clear, purple violet through to paler liliac, and are fused with brown quartz, so each stone conatins facets of the brown quartz stone.

Brandberg Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, and is also a powerful protective stone.

It is said to also amplify creativity and creative thought.

This oval cut stone is approx 18mm diameter, and is deep purple colour, with some ice crackles and misting in the crystal, the brownish hue of the quartz can be seen on turning the ring from side to side.

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